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Air transport
Big school
Caring for our world
Colour red (Valentine)
Day and night
Doctor and hospital
Farm animals
Garden visitors
Land transport
Me and my body
My family
My five senses
My home
Sea & the beach
Shopping & money
South Africa
Sports & balls
Teeth and dentist
Trees and wood
Under the ground
Water animals
Wild animals

Frequently asked questions

How do I order the theme books and do I have to order a full set?

The books can be ordered from Ilette Strydom in Pretoria using the order form on the web site. You can order any quantity of books, however as postage does add to the cost of the books, I recommend you order several at a time to minimise this cost. If you order 40 or more books the delivery is free and you also receive a free plastic container to store your books.

How do I pay for the theme books? Do I have to pay in full for the books when I order them?

Once you have sent the order form to Ilette Strydom, she will process your order and let you know the amount due. You are required to pay for the books in full when you order them. Deposit the amount in the pre-school themes account (Groep 7 Drukkers, Absa Bank Kolonade, cheque account: No 1108440674) and email the deposit slip to or fax it to 0865 141 051. Once Ilette receives your payment she will post your order to you, or you can collect the books from her in Pretoria.

How long will it take for my books to arrive?

Once payment has been received, the order is sent by registered insured post or courier and you should receive the books within 3 -10 days depending on delivery method. If you have not received them after 10 days, please contact Ilette. If you live in Pretoria Ilette is happy to deliver to your home or workplace. Enquire about this when you order.

Are the theme books suitable for all ages?

The theme books are suitable for the 3-6 year age range. Some adaptions to the lessons may be needed for the younger and older age groups but this is indicated where relevant. The themes are a guide and you should add in your own input to the lessons.

Are the theme books available in Afrikaans?

The theme books are written in English, but the words that a teacher will use as part of the theme table or an activity that requires words are in English and Afrikaans. The theme table heading is bilingual too. Unfortunately it is unlikely that the theme books will be translated into Afrikaans due to the high cost involved.

I have theme manuals that only contain the English words? How do I get the Afrikaans words?

There is a separate book available on request which only has the Afrikaans words needed for each theme. This can be ordered from Ilette by emailing or phoning 082 449 0574.

Are the theme books endorsed by the Education Department?

The Education Department has not endorsed the theme books. Since I wanted the books to be useful to teachers teaching a variety of age groups, they are not Grade R specific. However, the lessons do meet the Grade R outcomes and are aligned to the CAPS curriculum.

How do your themes match up to the suggested topics of the subject Life Skills study areas Beginning Knowledge and Personal and Social Well-being as listed in the CAPS document?

Almost all the topics listed in the CAPS curriculum for the subject Life Skills are available as theme books. At times some topics may be within another theme e.g. the topic of healthy living can be found as a concept in the theme 'Me and my body'. CAPS do allow you to choose to use other topics which you feel are relevant to your learners. The CAPS document encourages you to include festivals and special days which are available as theme manuals. E.g. Easter, Heritage Day, World environment day.

How do I receive the preschool theme newsletter?

The free preschool theme newsletter comes out monthly and is sent via e mail. Click here to subscribe to the newsletter or email to join the mailing list. Unfortunately gremlins can creep into the mailing list so if you do not receive one at the beginning of each month, please let me know at Click here to view previous newsletters.

I am not a qualified teacher. Will your theme books be suitable for me to use?

The theme books have been written in detail with clear lesson plans so everyone who works with children should be able to use the books with ease. Everything you will need for each lesson is listed and at times the resources included.

Our ELC has a limited budget. Will we still be able to implement your lessons?

Yes, wherever possible I have used recycled materials and simple everyday items. Where a more complex item is listed I have given you an alternative e.g. black drawing paper can be expensive so paint your own. You do need to have basic art materials available to complete the creative lessons. Paint cannot be substituted and you will need some crayons and scissors.

Are the theme books available as e-books?

No they are currently not available in this format. This will be considered if the demand increases.
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