Pre-school themes - planning and preparation made easy
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Air transport
Big school
Caring for our world
Colour red (Valentine)
Day and night
Doctor and hospital
Farm animals
Garden visitors
Land transport
Me and my body
My family
My five senses
My home
Sea & the beach
Shopping & money
South Africa
Sports & balls
Teeth and dentist
Trees and wood
Under the ground
Water animals
Wild animals


Collage: Fish using cellophane
Theme: Sea and beach and fish
Collage and Painting: Boats using paper plates
Themes: Water, water transport, sea
Painting: With feathers to create crowns
Theme: Birds, hats
Printing with balloons: Hot air balloon
Printing: Balloon prints
Painting: Spin art using a salad spinner
Collage: Autumn leaf with flour and dried powder paint
Emergent literacy: Adding writing to a picture
Construction: Box helicopter
Collage: Easter eggs for a mobile
Painting: Colour wash colour red over candle drawings
Drawing: My face in a paper plate with water soluble koki pens
Painting: Plastic Easter egg rolling
Painting and printing: bubble wrap packets for Autumn
Collage: My home using pre-cut paper shapes
Painting: Egg box flowers. Themes: Spring, summer, gardens, flowers
Collage: Masking tape pictures.
Theme: Opposites
Printing: Lego block printing.
Theme: Shapes
Cutting activity: Autumn leaves
using contact paper
Autumn leaves: Displaying the
Autumn leaves on the window
Printing stamps: Made from
milk lids and foam shapes
Colour matching:
Using plastic lids
Collage: Using winter fleece
fabric and paint
Rhyme: Five little Easter eggs
at the door
Printing: With large pegboard pegs
Theme: Shapes and Colours
Box construction: Cars
Theme: Land transport
Collage: Using wood shavings with coloured glue
Theme: Trees and wood
Collage: Easter rabbit tissue paper collage
Theme: Easter and Pets
Educational activity: Peg boards
Theme: Colour red and the Hospital
Educational activity: Peg board house
Theme: My home
Educational activity: A body made from plastic shapes
Theme: My body
Painting: Free painting
Theme: Colours
Educational activity: Sorting shapes and colours
Theme: Shapes and Colours
Painting: Salt drip painting
Theme: Space, Summer, Shapes and Colour
Collage: Tree using hessian and paint
Theme: Winter, Autumn, Trees and Wood
Collage: Materials for free collage
Drawing: Using wax crayons
Theme: My family and My home
Painting: Bubble wrap shapes
Theme: Shapes
Painting: Car tyre painting
Theme: Land transport
Painting and Drawing: Free choice
Drawing: With koki pens
Theme: My family
Painting: Using sponges
Rhyme: Five little bunnies hopping in the flower bed
Mathematics – one to one matching flower colour to colour of the bunny
Counting and sequencing
Easter eggs 1-5
Ice cream colour matching using a variety of colours
Ice cream colour matching – children match the colour of the ice cream to the colour dot on the ice cream cone
Ice cream colour matching
Collage - chicks in a nest
Collage and construction - an Easter basket with Easter eggs
Painting on foil - Easter egg
Collage and construction - a pop up Easter chick and egg
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